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Wherefore art thou Osama Bin Laden

Companion to Owls
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11/22/2012 11:17 AM
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Wherefore art thou Osama Bin Laden
New info provided to the AP now reports some very curious findings on OSBL's "burial at sea".

Also, see Adm Gaouette who was recently replaced.

"The email also included a cryptic reference to the intense secrecy surrounding the mission. "The paucity of documentary evidence in our possession is a reflection of the emphasis placed on operational security during the execution of this phase of the operation," Admiral Gaouette's message reads.

Recipients of the email included Admiral Mike Mullen, then the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and General James Mattis, the top officer at US Central Command. Admiral Mullen retired from the military in September 2011.

Earlier, Admiral Gaouette, then the deputy commander of the Navy's Fifth Fleet, and another officer used code words to discuss whether the helicopters carrying the SEALs and bin Laden's body had arrived on the Vinson.

"Any news on the package for us?" he asked Rear Admiral Samuel Perez, commander of the carrier strike group that included the Vinson.

"FedEx delivered the package," Admiral Perez responded. "Both trucks are safely en route home base."

Although the Obama administration has pledged to be the most transparent in American history, it is keeping a tight hold on materials related to the bin Laden raid."

Curious...what's going on here?