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Message Subject Morsi makes himself 'absolute ruler' of Egypt
Poster Handle AWFEKKIT
Post Content

No, no, no!

This is what he has done:

1.) Putting the former regime members, etc., back on trial for killing protesters - they were all miraculously found innocent before.

2.) All laws, decrees, etc., since he was elected will stand until there is a new parliament/constitution to change them.

3.) Appoint a new public prosecutor (see #1).

4.) Extended the time to draft the new constitution by two months.

5.) Took away the power of the judiciary to dissolve the Constituent Assembly and the Shura Council.

6.) Gave himself the power to protect the revolution and the country. Remember, there is no constitution and there is no Parliament at the moment, thus he didn't really have Presidential powers.

This is not about making himself a dictator at all. It's about moving the country forward and assuring justice will be served.
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