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Message Subject Morsi makes himself 'absolute ruler' of Egypt
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Egypt is going to Rule The World again!!!!

The Return of Ramses!!
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

God destroyed there land once upon a time , Who says the ALL mighty wont hold back again?
 Quoting: Vaellene

are you talking about those trite fables of "God" sending plagues to the Egyptians, or the fact that they finally sputtered out and were conquered in 350 BC, after 5000 years of existence, by people who were not an enemy or friend of the Jews and had nothing to do with their "God", at a time long past any conflict between Jews and Egyptians?

and how ALL mighty is this propaganda-god when the Jews didn't get their "promised land" until 1948, after 3100 years of promises from this ALL mighty god?

"God" is a joke. the ones spewing their "God" propaganda are a joke. they are just selfish delusional liars to whom not even the gods are sacred, as you can see from how they use them.
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