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Message Subject Morsi makes himself 'absolute ruler' of Egypt
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Egypt is going to Rule The World again!!!!

The Return of Ramses!!
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

unfortunately, no. the Egyptians you are thinking of are long gone. all that remains are muslim and coptic people of barely Egyptian genetics. for the Egyptians to return those people would have to give up Islam and Christianity and return to "pagan" pantheism and worship of Osiris and Isis. however it would not happen, it would be a good thing, to counterbalance this Democratic and Communist and Socialist stupidity we have in the world. a mighty Pharaoh that people adore and worship, commanding vast resources and directing the people as a hand in a glove to build a colossal civilization would be a stupendous thing to behold today compared to the feeble endeavors of the world's inhabitants. if the original Egyptians were here today they would put the rest of the world, comparatively, to shame, putting the value of 'democracy' in question, the answer seemingly that there are higher and mightier things than what our nihilistic christianity and its "equality" have afflicted us with, the questions being prompted by one thing as we behold the mighty Egyptians, the AWE OF IT ALL.
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