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Message Subject Morsi makes himself 'absolute ruler' of Egypt
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why hasn't any of the CIA psy-ops selling RMoney posted a thread on Israel attacked?
The answer is that "Romney supporting Israel" is as much true as "US administrations NOT supporting Iran's Ahmadinejad and Syria's Assad".

Why is Hamas non-stop bombing Israel from Gaza?
Why does Egypt's "moderate" Muslim Brotherhood warn that will not let Israel retaliate, or in his words "Israel must stop the aggression"?
Because after endless rumors of wars "against Iran" (2) by the Illuminati, this time is for real.
The illuminati can no longer postpone the war to destroy Israel.

Why MUST the illuminati now start the war against Israel?

Because Illuminati are losing control in Syria. Once that happens they will lose control in Iran. In Jordan it is getting more difficult by the day to keep the puppet King.
So they MUST NOW use the agents of the countries they still have control. (3)

The script for all out war against Israel is introduced by a surprise message.
The same Illuminati that denied weapons to the syrian freedom fighters against butcher Assad's indiscriminate air attacks with splitter bombs for now more than one year ... armed the Hamas with new rockets.
The first surprise was an unprecedented 44 mile rocket hitting Telaviv. Hours later and minutes ago Jerusalem was hit by a 55 mile rocket.
That surprise leaves Israel with no other option but the ground invasion of Gaza.
At this point it is as simple as this to push to the utter limits illuminati"double talk" (what they say vs what they do) about supervising the destruction of their "ally" Israel:

The illuminati script for launching the all out war against Israel
1. Have the Hamas fire rockets on Israeli civilians.
As Israel retaliates to try to stop the bombings:

2. Have the Egyptian government agents, the "moderate" Muslim Brotherhood (4), announce that "Israel attack" is a disaster and must stop.

3. Have the illuminati (example: UK prime minister Cameron) annouce that Hamas should stop bombing but Israel is also responsible.

4. Have the illuminati media announce that Israel is killing inocent civilians in Gaza.

The script is non-stop repeated while illuminati media hides the genocide in Syria and the military preparations (5) to wipe out Israel and the Jews of the face of the Earth.

(1) LAST PROPHET's words from 1998, archived first 2002 ...
[link to web.archive.org]
Note also the photo in that page and that today Hamas rockets hit Tel-Aviv for the first time.
One day after the "$4.5 billion Gov - BP settlement" illuminati theater and the same day fire breaks in an oil rig near New Orleans.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28272410

HU? I'm not saying you are wrong... but obviously this isn't the majority opinion around here (rather that the Illuminati IS Jewish). Please elaborate...
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