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Message Subject BRKG; US going in for next step? NATO explores places for Patriots in Turkey. US-led-NATO intervention begins in Syria!
Poster Handle Denis_469
Post Content
not being funny but I am not trying to say NATO is great and will never be beaten but what I am saying is that it won't be as simple as what you say.
 Quoting: Anderson_G

Yes, it was not easy. But future God say. And I know future. So can say what must be in future. In future Russia win WWIII. And other would be like was write in Bible. Antichrist in Israel and other world behind Antichrist. In Russia wuld be ortodox tsar and Russia must be agains Antichrist and would be liberty.
After it all who for Antichrist must be destroy by God.
Antichrist would be evrey and have himself mother like evreyka. In Russia have near full data about future data Antichrist.
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