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Message Subject BRKG; US going in for next step? NATO explores places for Patriots in Turkey. US-led-NATO intervention begins in Syria!
Poster Handle Defcon-Dutchie
Post Content

No it is not! There are arrangements for a member who is in danger!
That NATO stands for!
 Quoting: Defcon-Dutchie

SS Oberst-Gruppenfuhrer Paul Hausser, WWII 'Das Reich' Division commander and SS general, publicly stated that NATO grew out of the international brigades of the SS
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27983835

I can see you not life in Europa!! I think at this time germany is a example for europa. Intelligent people.
Without germany europe now lay in the gutter.

Your perception of reality is worrisome.
 Quoting: Defcon-Dutchie

the general stated this HIMSELF! What is worrisome is that people arent aware of this. Dig a little into NATO's history and you'll see its Nazi past and even past Nazi leaders.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27983835

There are so many restrictions imposed on Germany. After WW 2.
They have no real army. The leaders now in power are moderate.
Otherwise they have stepped out of europe.
The road ahead will be different. There you can get right into.
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