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Message Subject BRKG; US going in for next step? NATO explores places for Patriots in Turkey. US-led-NATO intervention begins in Syria!
Poster Handle Anderson_G
Post Content

I kinda feel sorry for them in away and also for us people of Europe in a sense that one way or another we will all be vastly impacted by this.....

Even the Land of the free and Home of the brave will be shit on hard....

new bit of spice to the sauce

[link to www.firstpost.com]
 Quoting: Anderson_G

I feel very sorry for them and not only for them tbh, you can see that this is all MENA shit is perfectly orchestrated, average peoples don't want war, why should they? It's a freaking madness, but can't see how the shitstorm can be avoided, TPTB have already decided that lots of people must suffer. :(
 Quoting: insertfunnyusername

what is needed is a global common consensus or other wise any form of resistance wouldn't work we all need to be on the same level and not let our common cause get of track.....

rofl I should be a public speaker
 Quoting: Anderson_G

Very good speech indeed my friend, but i don't have high hopes for the future, people are badly misinformed and indoctrinated by the MSM these days, even in a place like here for example where we tards are supposedly "awake" the amount of people that support and advocating ethnic cleansing and extermination policies in places like Israel/Palestine never ceases to amaze me, regardless if you are pro-Israel or something else, everyone has and is entitled to his own opinions on this matter, but it was kind of a shock to me tbh, total madhouse and complete lack of a humanitarian sense, instead of advocating a peaceful solution to the problem you have tards advocating that we should vaporize them or send them to Jordan, Egypt, to the moon, or that they don't exist, wtf they are 5 million people in there and 12 million in total ffs, it's a huge number even if you are the biggest muslim-hater on earth. Dunno, things don't look that great to me for when TS will HTF. :(
 Quoting: insertfunnyusername

Yeh there are alot of people who seems to only want an argument because their either bored or just born an turd.....

Until a person is place in a situation where they actually see genocide taking place they will never have an idea of what it is actually like I my self have no idea but at the same time I don't gain pleasure out of insulting or condoning such acts.....

Its amazing that even in this day in age people can still be judge on ethnicity or gender and race it made me think the other day I know its weird but what if the dead did rise one day and they could actually do tasks as we do and didn't want our flesh for dinner would we still be hateful to them..... its almost as if Fear of the unknown bread hatred and hatred breads violence, same way as people would be afraid of aliens turning up one day and turning nasty to them even though they just wanted to say sup lol
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