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Message Subject BRKG; US going in for next step? NATO explores places for Patriots in Turkey. US-led-NATO intervention begins in Syria!
Poster Handle insertfunnyusername
Post Content
Yeh there are alot of people who seems to only want an argument because their either bored or just born an turd.....

Until a person is place in a situation where they actually see genocide taking place they will never have an idea of what it is actually like I my self have no idea but at the same time I don't gain pleasure out of insulting or condoning such acts.....

Its amazing that even in this day in age people can still be judge on ethnicity or gender and race it made me think the other day I know its weird but what if the dead did rise one day and they could actually do tasks as we do and didn't want our flesh for dinner would we still be hateful to them..... its almost as if Fear of the unknown bread hatred and hatred breads violence, same way as people would be afraid of aliens turning up one day and turning nasty to them even though they just wanted to say sup lol
 Quoting: Anderson_G

We'll see mate, hope dies last they say. cheers
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