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Message Subject BRKG; US going in for next step? NATO explores places for Patriots in Turkey. US-led-NATO intervention begins in Syria!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Project for the new American Century is a plan of Satanical minds of US elites to take Libya, Syria, Liban, Iran. nato RATS has stuck their plan in Syria.
All this bullsh. concerning Arab Spring is nothing more than a plan to take over OIL by the LUCIFERIAN CABAL THAT RULES US.
Divide and conquer.
USA has become the dark, negative force in this world. That is why every human being when US is pronounced, feel negative energy, feels that US must be destroyed, feels that divine justice must erase this KIND of LUCIFERIAN country. Because of this kind of FOREIGN POLICY of US , everybody pukes on US, and everybody wants 100 times strong Sandy to come into US as soon as possible. From Balkans to Vladivostok. From Murmansk to India. From Maroko to Pakistan. Every human being hates this Clingon RAT empire....

Boromir, Skopje
 Quoting: Boromir 28163354

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