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Message Subject What did Jesus give thanks for?
Poster Handle the sacrificial lamb?
Post Content
Listen you retards

He fucking gave you bunch of morons 10 commandments to follow. how the fuck did it turn out with 600 pages. written by low life followers.

Follow the 10 commandments only !
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28297058

Yeah but there's two sets of them, just like theres two creation accounts so the bible is a layering done by the priests of the Babylonian franchised temple built in Jerusalem by the Persians who then brought the rabbis back to Babylon after that Jerusalem temple was destroyed by the Romans. So it's not as simple as you suggest.

But if you want to talk about Moses and who he was, I am sure OP is ready to quote some scriptures.

But essentially, I believe Jesus held boob in his holy hands, and I like him better because of it. If some women cared their breasts to him and he said "No I shall not touch them" then he would be not as interesting to me, and would not stimulate my faith.

If you need Jesus to be a boy sacrifice, in the occult fashion, then its normal to get upset at the idea of him touching boobs, but my faith is not pinioned by blood sacrifice or the perfect innocent man-boy being the lamb of said sacrifice. I respect true Kingly leadership in the manly spirit, as reflected by a man who can hold boobs and be right with God in that moment.
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