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Message Subject UFO Sighting 2012 Today's Video Real Alien UFO caught on tape Over Denver This Week
Poster Handle Amy_A
Post Content
Whoever this guy is needs to get a high speed camera and zoom it to hopefully capture a better image as it passes through the view...

It would be interesting if the sightings stopped now that the media has covered it... That would suggest it's terrestrial.
 Quoting: CalmShock

That would be nice but I imagine they have high tech camera's now since the media also recorded the objects. The media will never discuss anything unless they are allowed. I have seen objects myself that fly around the Moon and Sun, with a digital camera. What are we not being told? Are they made on earth or is our entire history BS? We don't know anything except the BS programs we are indoctrinated with from cradle to grave. Everything we do keeps us from really knowing who we are?

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