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Message Subject UFO Sighting 2012 Today's Video Real Alien UFO caught on tape Over Denver This Week
Poster Handle Amy_A
Post Content
Doesn't Ball have a test felicity around that area somewhere?

You know throwing something up like that could be for the purposes of a none fire intercept. A lot money in ground to air defense these days.

Funny how denying what the heck stuff is like this by the DoD and their contractors is taken as gospel by the coherent rational real media. Of course such tests will be denied. They are as bad as the so called alternative media on the other end of the spectrum claiming optical illusions seen by folk is always a cover up when the authorities say, "It's an optical illusion."
 Quoting: BobE

Alot of people see odd things in the skies these days. I am trying to figure out what angle the MSM puppets are playing. They laughed and ridiculed for decades but now they talk it in a different tone. The media only tells what they are given.

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