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Message Subject UFO Sighting 2012 Today's Video Real Alien UFO caught on tape Over Denver This Week
Poster Handle DesignLov3
Post Content

The news media is suddenly talking about what many have seen in the air before. Why are they talking about something that they have said is fantasy? What is the media's agenda and why are they suddenly talking?

 Quoting: Amy_A

Actually the OP here is right, ISLAM is of satan, Mohammad had like a 9yr old wife. they glorify death, and want to dominate the and kill anyone who wont accept their religion. Catholicism (which does not truly represent Christianity) committed countless atrocities specifically to discredit and ruin the name of Christianity, If people read their Bibles they would know that what the catholic church did is totally contradictory to the teachings of Jesus Christ. And this whole word has largely been deceived and brainwashed, TPTB own all the education systems, the entertainment industry, etc, they don't want you to know the truth, even feminism plays into their diabolic plans and to destroy the family unit. The secret socities that run the world who are luciferians (they worship lucifer aka they believe in lucifer vs. jesus) and commit black magick mass rituals based on the teachings of professed satanist allister crowley.. i.e. 9/11 (see book 'the most dangerous book in the world') and allister crowly summoned demons, they looked just like grays ( google 'Lam') which is part of the deception from satan to bring in NWO. (check out UFO gateway to hell, Iron Mountain Report) Need I say more? or you can believe its all a fairy tell if you choose to remain ignorant. Your eternity is on the line. Give your life to Jesus Christ. The battle of Good vs. Evil is very real.
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