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Kerry Cassidy Robbed!
Saturday, 06 October 2012
by Kerry Cassidy

My car was broken into while hiking Friday. All credit cards, passport and drivers license plus my social security card were stolen. I closed all accounts and cards. Please be aware not to be deceived by anyone pretending to be me on the net. For what it's worth.

Source: [link to www.projectcamelotportal.com]

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 Quoting: RoXY

The only sane reason anyone would have all their most important, personal info in their car is they are living in it.

I mean, really. Aren't we told NOT to carry around our Social Security card? A driver's license OR a passport would suffice as government issued ID.

The only things she apparently does not keep in her car or carry around with her at all times are her tax returns and birth certificate.

This woman is most likely a shill and lying about her recent problems or she is an identity theft dream.
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