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no such thing as a real whistle-blower if you were in the know... you wouldn't talk


Camelot has some awesome interview archives from many S4 whistleblowers and even a few from MJ12.

There are over 20 interviews with people who were killed shortly after their testimony was revealed.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21931562

So... for people with a severe death wish an interview with Kerry Cassidy is like getting a free ride to 'the other side'...

 Quoting: RoXY

 Quoting: SeaPunk

Not true at all.

In fact, MOST whistleblowers are friends of friends. They aren't doing it for fame, for money, for ANYTHING other then the guilt they have, the desire to come clean /deathbed confessions, or because of a friend of a friend connection.

MOST whistle blowers aren't in real danger to come clean, simply because nearly all whistleblowers are speaking on projects they worked on 10-20 up to 50 years ago. You do realize the government doesn't have the time to actually hunt down and imprison or kill EVERY person that speaks about past projects they were involved in that had top secret or higher clearance.

yes, they did exist. Yes , MUCH has been learned by people coming clean in their later years. Nothing you said is accurate.
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