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The Full of Crap Files

We have all heard of the X files but what about the full of crap files. Here are my contenders.
In no particular order.

1 Jane Burgermeisster
What she say... massive death.
What happened... she fractured the conspiracy movement and made a few quid.

2. Pete Peterson (lol) Said two years ago that we are going to run out of oxygen within ten months.

3. Henry Deacon (Art Neumann) said we can cure flu by blow drying our nostrils, I kid you not.

4. Blossom Goodchild. A very large spaceship was going to appear. It didnt. Big suprise there then. (in fairness not interviewed by camelot or avalon but just as full of crap as those who were.

5.Richard Hoagland. Elenin is a spaceship and asteroid YU55 was going to crash into the moon.

7 St Claire said that Sarah Palin would be the next president when Obama won

8. Keryy Cassidy goes on a holiday with cult leader Anna Hayes that would cost any other punter $10,000

9, Bill Ryan gets involved with 'Charles', bovver boy and fixer for the 5000 year old skin shedding master. The ancient one. Right.

10. Bill Ryan promotes Inelia. Some irrelevant half wit who charges $99 for ascension.

11. Wilcock. self styled guru and false predictions of disclosure. Not to mention his Ascension 2000 website and his latter day denials that he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. By the way Cayces' predictions also did not come to pass.

Please add to the list because its Xxxxxxxx endless

The Moral of the story is.. Who promoted them?
Answer: Well you all know who...

SOURCE: [link to www.themistsofavalon.net]

NB: On this site - [link to www.themistsofavalon.net] - you also find stunning, first hand stories of people who have worked with Kerry Cassidy & Bill Ryan during the time they were still a team...
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