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Message Subject Japanese seismologist warns of possible Magnitude 10 earthquake along pacific rim trench
Poster Handle captaininyourface
Post Content
This Seismologist is a Fearmonger.

He fails to clarify that a movement of 20 Meters will
take 217.3913 years to develop.

The Pacific Plate subducts under the Okhotsk Plate where
Japan rests at a rate of 92MM per year.

20,000MM/92 = 217.3913 Years.

If the plates had any small earthquakes during this period,
the Developing Period would be longer.

Another Japanese Seismologist stated that the 2011
earthquake was a Millenial Event.

Japan can expect more M8 - M9 Earthquakes in the Future.

I doubt that a M10 will ever occur anywhere since most
subduction zones have Frequent Smaller Quakes.


Herman dislikes Fear Mongers.
 Quoting: gdwk 22306955

Sorry, you're the sheep. Just because the plates have been moving certain way doesn't mean they will always do that and woud never do something "unexpected" (Unexpected just because people and especially scientists are too arrogant and think they know it all).
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 428255

Thats right, scientists have such big egos that they will never admit that they could be wrong or were wrong.
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