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What happened to TSHTF?

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User ID: 28283600
United Kingdom
11/22/2012 11:23 PM
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What happened to TSHTF?
People here were certain about it, what changed?

This isn't a trolling message or anything like that, it's a genuine question. Why hasn't the escalation in the Middle East become what a mass of people (including Trinity) said it would?

I honestly believe that something may still happen in the world that will change things forever.

User ID: 10518597
United States
11/22/2012 11:36 PM

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Re: What happened to TSHTF?
Absolutely nothing happens immediately and spontaneously in such matters instead there are fake reprieves as each side rebuilds and ponders their next move and nothing has been resolved only a tenuous ceasefire.

Only time will tell however there is so much built up tensions and animosity that ensures the ceasefire only serves as a build-up opportunity for all sides.