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Nibiru in Dragon Ball Movie2, Suggested date?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 10232686
11/23/2012 02:13 AM
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Nibiru in Dragon Ball Movie2, Suggested date?
I found something quite interesting while watching an old Dragon Ball movie.

At EXACTLY 33:43 of this youtube video you will see a flash of a bright yellow mural on a wall depicting the path of Nibiru. Interestingly,it also seems to depict a date, you can see earth in the mural and lines extending to a separate version of earth with the phases of the lunar cycle around it. The second earth is rotated 180 degrees from the earth in the solar system suggesting that the rotation and lunar placement is significant.

Can anyone decode this fully?

Note: the video has been mirrored to avoid copyright claims.

Interesting to note, the protagonist in this movie is called Count Lucifer and he lives in a place called Devils Hand. His objective in the film is to drink the blood of a virgin "Bulma" to "Wake the sleeping princess" Which turns out to be a giant diamond like stone.
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