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End of the World facts on Mayans, Planet X, Illuminati & Aliens

Hellcat Maggie
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11/23/2012 06:15 AM
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End of the World facts on Mayans, Planet X, Illuminati & Aliens
My two cents? Watch this vid when you get some time..

I dont put much into the "end of the world" stuff, but this vid is great for those who worry about it.

God in a Nutshell: This is God in a Nutshell: file 004.

Trey Smith covers the End of the World scenarios presented by NASA, popular media, secret societies & Illuminati.

Will the End of the World be on the final day of the ancient Mayan Calendar?

Will the End of the World be because of Planet X? Will the End of the World be from an Illuminati agenda?

Will the End of the World come from aliens? Trey Smith covers the facts behind all these "End of the World" questions and other "End of the World" predictions, including NASA"End of the World" scenarios.

NOTE: NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) predicts no planet alignment on Mayan Calendar end date.

Affiliated issues / topics in this video include: "End of the World", and "End of the World 2012"by NASA and "NASA End of the World" scenarios reports for 2012 which deal with NASA analysis of aliens & astrological events. Also 2012 Illuminati and claimed 2012 Illuminati End of the World agendas. End of the World by claimed "Planet X" and NASA findings. "End of the World" by Trey Smith of "God in Nutshell" project.

I did not make this vid and I do not endorse it as truth or non-truth.

I am not the harbinger .
Do not read this sentence.