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Message Subject Is Deja Vue Microseizures or Overlapping Realities
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It is not seizures that is not to say there will not be increased electrical activity in the brain.

No Deja Vu is knowing recognition of something that is present yet you had this knowledge of a present moment before it was in the present.

Some may just feel like ...they have been here before or they have seen this before.

Yet they have this as a feeling with out the knowledge they would have had before hand of seeing this time this moment this event....before it was in the present.

Fob it off as a glitch a loop a skip of mind...but deep beneath the surface is the knowledge of it in memory.

One reason it has not been able to pull out of memory is time lapse.

We will be given knowledge in a time past...of something we see in this perceiving.

Then time lapse passing of time continues even as we see it and what we saw recedes into memory......deeper and deeper as time passes onward.

Yet this can be in a very short amount of time as well..even with in the same night.

I can tell you something that you will do and will happen....you will hear what I told you and go on with time that you go in.

Then do exactly what I told you you would do and not even see what you have done is what I told you ..you would do until you have already done it.

So you had no control of what I told you would happen to you even by you.

Why is this in this case?

The person I told this to would not accept it the it was what I told them...they themselves refused such would be what they would do.

What I told them they would do was indeed bad bad enough they themselves would cringe and refuse it totally sling it far from them..deny it to be unto them or by them.

Peter you will deny me thrice before the morning rooster crow thrice.

Peters Deja Vu opened his eyes again to see what was already in his present and now past case done in his present...at the sound of Cock a doodle doo three times...tag you are it.

You are what I say you are.
You will be what I say you will be.
You will do what I say you will do.
You will have nothing not even your own mind to perceive any thing unless I allow you to have it.

I will hide you own eyes from you.
I will hide your own memory from you.
I will block your ears your eyes your mind your heart even your soul from you.

I will fore plan your steps and ways and even If I tell you exactly what they are ....you will not stop them from being.
You will not change my ways.
You will not change my plans.

You will not even change your self....or you would have not denied me thrice.

I possess you...who is and are my possessions.

Some possessions are for evil some are for good...

I Am He who creates both evil and good.
I Am he who created the Darkness and the Light in all your world.

And peter is in a puddle of tears and broken hearted-ness at the stinging hurt and crushing defeat he has upon him...he would have rather been a puddle of goo and dead as to have done that which he refused and rejected to do.

A deja vu can be so well inputted that this fore knowledge will be allowed unto you to see and know....even wide awake or sound asleep while actively awake relating with Him who is relating with you.......about what time in the future will be.

Even what time past was to you.

Even what time present is to you.

time may go on and them you will see the thing told you long ago...right before your eyes taking place.

And you believe exactly what He told you long before that was to be...by His won knowing and willing that will be and is by his own plans and purpose or it would not be.

Even if it is bad as we think and see it...may even be death of some one or others we even love.

Or a fall we like Peter will take and shameful and unwanted and distasteful unto us.

Will not make it not so.

We can get from these things understanding of why it was so.....but we will not accept the why.

So why would we accept what is.

In past in present and in future.

Because it is not the way or the thing we would prefer unto us.......so it fades and dies in memory.

Or stays and remains in wormwood bitterness of soul and spirit.

Or we come to understand God is and there is no time in God...Time its self is God and by God we perceive it as He sees fit unto each and every one of us.

Our days are numbered....before we are birthed.

And do not think you will be reincarnated to live your self again and again...until you get your self right by your own self living your own life.

You are appointed Once to live Once to die and then the judgment.

If you do not want death then be ye born again not of flesh of man or beast reincarnated but of spirit only ...then when your flesh body is dead...perishing in rottenness your spirit new life will live but not unto this flesh world again.

Why do you think ...Elijah had a spirit upon Him in in Him working..

That He could depart to be found no more in the land of the living...removed from it.

Yet that same spirit of Elijah fall upon Elisha even a double portion of it.

Did Elisha go about claiming to be another person than Elisha? No

Elisha never claimed ...toady this moment I am now Elijah I am not nor any longer Elisha.

Yet John the Baptist was like Elijah like Elisha that same spirit Elijah had and passed it was onto Elisha and onto John the Baptist.

Ask John are you Elijah....John will tell you No I am not.

Because John is John and has a name and a being one and only that is and forever eternally in everlasting is to day.

Him who is Ancient of Days...Him who is before all things and was and is still right here before all things...

Even knows and determines all things before they ever are.

Knows every thing past present and future.

Because He created and creates them both.

He is a spirit the spirit is God and can do as He pleases and none will hamper or stop Him.

He says John the Baptist is John : "And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord." Luke 1:17

We err not knowing the power of God we see it come and go not knowing which way it came or which way it goes or went.

Matthew 22:29
Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.

John 6:63
It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.

Spirit we understand not and life that lives as spirit and in spirit we understand not.....

Because we deny the Power there of.

And we how deny the power there of are blocked to do so..keeping us from ever obtain or entering into the new earth or new heaven that is and was established and made even created..right in front of us...

Even right now is.

And will be the only things left in all ends.

Our way is already laid out and fashioned and finished...
Even our end is already foreordained unto us.

There is only one way of change...it is there before all to know and enter there in.

All that can believe can come to the fullness of understanding that which flash and great men even of renown knowledge can not ever understand or enter there in the understanding of it.

They are so close to it which is right before their eyes yet enter in they do not.

They can not pass the place set to place any from entering in that is not acceptable in its way it attempts to enter there into.

So how can they ever see or know what is reality and real right here and now as well as before as well as in any time coming.
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