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Message Subject Earth is heading towards a cloud?
Poster Handle Eurisko Tau Ceti
Post Content
Ok this is going to sound weird but I woke up from a dream, cant remember what exactly, with the phrase "earth is heading towards a cloud"

Anyone have any ideas as to what it could mean if anything.
 Quoting: Enigma Shadows 28333081

Yes, the Earth (entire solar system) will pass through

the galactic plane December 21, 2012.

Earth will split like a cell in Biology.

3D / 4D

Complete transformation won't occur until January 2014.

- Earth 4D - 100%
 Quoting: Eurisko Tau Ceti

I think you're going to be very disappointed, very soon.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1579810

Go outside and look at the sun.

Does it appear more white and less yellow to you?

The Earth is being transformed into a 4D planet.

Our sun (Sol) is also being transformed into a 4D sun!

This is a very rare occurrence in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Everybody is watching Earth right now.
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