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Message Subject Earth is heading towards a cloud?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ok this is going to sound weird but I woke up from a dream, cant remember what exactly, with the phrase "earth is heading towards a cloud"

Anyone have any ideas as to what it could mean if anything.
 Quoting: Enigma Shadows 28333081

Yes, the Earth (entire solar system) will pass through

the galactic plane December 21, 2012.

Earth will split like a cell in Biology.

3D / 4D

Complete transformation won't occur until January 2014.

- Earth 4D - 100%
 Quoting: Eurisko Tau Ceti

passing thru that is not a single days event, and you have been in it since oct 2006 already I haven't noticed any "cell splitting " yet. Stop with the garbage put on the net already.
 Quoting: God Loves ALL

Yeah, we ae passing through the galactic plane, and there is an energy wave or rift there... but uhm... no 4D Earth. Cells do not split and cause another dimension... pole shift, destruction maybe, no enlightened 4D beings I'm afraid. Sounds cool though.

We can't even handle ourselves in 3D lmao. 4D is better?
 Quoting: jonas773

We're already in 4D - 3 dimensions of space, 1 of time.

Going from 3rd density to 4th density (within the 4th dimension) is not a physical 'cell splitting' event, it's a density shift, a vibratory shift, a spiritual shift.

Even now, while in 3rd density, just talking about 4th density is a quality, or an expression of, 4th density :)

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