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Message Subject Earth is heading towards a cloud?
Poster Handle jacksprat
Post Content
galactic alignment, magnetic reversal, pole shift

we will move into another dimension

Consciousness is changing yes, but not enough

many people ares still stuck in the rat race of survival and fear consciousness

i have a feeling it will be a wipe out, a purification time of the 3rd dimension

nothing will be left

if you survive the transition of the three days of darkness or the void between dimension then you will be fine in the new world

the rest will be recycled or reincarnation
 Quoting: jacksprat

No, that was called off.

If you do see 3 days of darkness, that will be an Andromeda

Biosphere positioning itself between Earth and our sun to

protect us from an incoming CME.

You will leap into the 4D Earth if you simply cast aside

all fear and anxiety.

BTW, if you wish to remain a Carbon Based Human then you

must relocate to Earth 2.0.
 Quoting: Eurisko Tau Ceti

yes i agree with you must be in the your heart, oneness , stillness at peace when the transition happens

but i believe when we move into this darkness everyone will have a different journey, almost like a lucid dream

what is important here is that thought + emotion = manifestation

it's the same test The Egyptians went through to pass into other dimensions

i really feel that his reality as we know it will be non existent soon

i realize there is a lot of denial and opinion out there, but i know something is going to happen from dec 21, 2012 to march 21, 2013 that will end this world as we know it.

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