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Message Subject Earth is heading towards a cloud?
Poster Handle God Loves ALL
Post Content
Yes, the Earth (entire solar system) will pass through

the galactic plane December 21, 2012.

Earth will split like a cell in Biology.

3D / 4D

Complete transformation won't occur until January 2014.

- Earth 4D - 100%
 Quoting: Eurisko Tau Ceti

The solar system does not pass through the galactic plane on 21 dec.
Astronomers estimate we are at least 30 light years from it, other estimates are 75-100 light years above it, and won't pass through it again for millions of years.
Earth crosses the galactic equator, but it does that every year, twice. The rest is just sci-fi
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28326470

all bs too. We pass thru the PHOTON belt of Alcyone twice every 16,000 years.

Earth does not cross the milky way equator but every 1/4 turn around the milky way, and we entered the current 4th turn in 2006. The rough travel time around the core of the milky way is 225 million years or so. Divide by 4.
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