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Message Subject "HAMMER TO FALL" Next few day's should be interesting..........'Pssst, make sure you play the video ;)'
Poster Handle ayr phorce yuan
Post Content
Lol. Your "understanding" of this website really shows you don't understand it's true nature in the first place; trust the deception and trolling CAME WITH TRINITY and now that he's left, guess where it's gone? Seems you might be one of his sympathizers. I have some advice for you: Get a fucking life.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23012043

As it turns out, I am a 'sympathizer', for the reason of having to deal with non contributors like your pathetic excuse for a homesick abortion on a daily fucking basis.

If I provided a free and fun platform like this only to have constant abuse and wankers obsessed with finding my location, name, photo's etc I would feel that I also had the right to the odd meltdown.

Why don't you take your sorry ass somewhere else, you losers come here to post shit for the sole purpose of forcing mass blanket bans, is your life that fucking empty.

Anyway, let's wait for the "Hammer to fall" ;)
 Quoting: ayr phorce yuan

Exactly. If u enjoy this forum, why not pay the small fee? Even if ur just antagonizing people, if it is what u enjoy, pay the play.
 Quoting: Anderson Pooper

Hmmm, I totally agree with what you say, however, there are a lot of wealthy celebs that use this site, to have a history of visits or even posts is one thing, but to have a connection via a monthly sub?????

I have found ways to ask if there is some way of making a donation through more clandestine ways but always get a blank, there is NO WAY I would pay through paypal to a conspiracy site, even if it is the best site on the web lol. I don't want that data trail lol. But yes, I totally agree with your sentiment.
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