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Officials: Israel's Gaza Offensive Was Training For A Possible Fight With Iran

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United States
11/25/2012 11:52 PM
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Re: Officials: Israel's Gaza Offensive Was Training For A Possible Fight With Iran

lol, call that training against iran, hahaha what a joke

Iran did not have to do jack shiz, but watch how israel reacted over the 8 days, strengths and weakness. An other advantage is the battle was fought next to israels boaders, not iran's.

In any war sceen, israel will have to do that, plus some, just to get near iran.

All this war did was let israels defence get probed for weaknesses
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28358699

So... when "someone" destoyed a Syrian nuke facility, headed by North Korean expert and paid for by Iran in September 2007.... Iran did what exactly to retaliate?

When all those nuke scientists & professors were dropping like flies in the most secure area of Teheran... Iran did what exactly to retaliate?

When Iran-Hamas chief weapons liaison Mahmoud al-Mahbouh had his whole "accidental cessation of breathing" thingy happen in Dubai in February 2010... Iran did what exactly to retaliate?

When multiple long arms convoys paid for by Iran and on their way to Hamas, were bombed along the Sudanese coast in 2009, 2010, 2011.... Iran did what exactly to retaliate?

When, um, "someone" blew up a HUGE arms factory & storage in Khartoum, Sudan built and supervised by Iranians elite forces in late October....in the process destroying the only reliable route for arms delivery to Hamas and Islamic Jihad... Iran did what exactly?

When 5 top Russian nuclear scientists reportedly on Iran's payroll plane mysteriously crashed in Russia in 2010 --- Iran did what exactly in retaliation?

When 2/3 of Iran's long-range Shahab-3 missiles were blown up and Iran's chief missile expert killed in November 2011.... Iran did what exactly to retaliate?

When a factory making special alloys/metals needed for uranium enrichment centrifuges & rumoured to be staffed with North Korean experts... was blown up in Spring 2012.... Iran did what exactly to retaliate?

When Iran has come under 4 separate rounds of sanctions at Bibi Netanyahu'a urging/threats.......the latest round being so damaging to Iran's economy that its currency Rial has lost 3/4 of its value in just last 3-4 months.... Iran did what to retaliate?

In the immortal words of Christopher Marlowe, "N-gga puh-leaze!"
 Quoting: ASV 2814042

 Quoting: DPS

Speaking of that Syrian nuke facility in 2007...when less than a year later the de-facto Head of the Syrian Atomic Program that was bankrolled by Teheran, General Mohammad Suleiman was on vacation on the heavily guarded Syrian coastal resort and a small, non-descript motor-boat slowly approached the beach where General Suleiman and his bodyguards were chilling ---- and WHOOSH no discernable sound, no flash from the boat that by that point quietly turned around and sailed away, but Geberal Suleiman's head and chest were suddenly a mangled wreck..... Iran did what to retaliate?

Same year, Iran's golden boy, Hezbollah's weapons-procurement chief, the elusive terror-mastermind Imad Mugniye -- the man responsible for 1983 US marine barracks blast that killed more Americans than any event prior 9/11.... so when one fine day that elusive Imad Mugniye left a private party in Damascus that noone was supposed to know about, and sat in his SUV ready to drive off, not knowing that certain, um, someone had rigged the head-rest of the driver's seat with an explosive ---> KABOOM!!!!

Iran did what to retaliate?
 Quoting: ASV 28394405

Speaka of the devils, both Imad Mughniye and Mohammad Suleiman were trying some funny business with Bashar Assad

[link to www.ynetnews.com]

Now 2 of 3 are rotting in Heck, while Assad hasn't had a decent night's sleep in almost 2 years ---> and who's, um, back-end is likely to end up on the, erm, business end of a bayonet ala Qaddafi.