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Message Subject The superior person can hide within society during a period of decaying culture.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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H-36, Ming I (Hexagram 36 out of 64, situations of changes)

Darkening of the Light
The light has sunk into the Earth:
The image of Ming I
Thus does the superior man live with the great mass
He covers his outside, and has the principle inside.

The superior person, who values simplicity, can hide within society during a period of decaying culture. Because their needs are very simple, superior people are not easily snared by the changing customs, habits, and view of the society. Understanding the Tao, practicing virtue, superior people are like a well from which other people, seeking to learn and practice virtue, can come to drink. But even if superior people remain within a decaying society, they will not despair when no one comes to use them. Superior people have a concerned mind for all people and remain among them, but are untarnished by the ignorance around them. Superior people only seek to continue learning, becoming ready for the proper time when they are called upon again.

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