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Message Subject So i was shopping today, and My wife said she saw me in a different aisle, asked how I changed clothes so fast...MUST READ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
That's weird. Especially that the guy avoided you, and had the same ring.

I had two tiny "timeslip" things happen last weekend. Seemingly inconsequential, and trivial, but perplexing.

I was wrapping two boxes of the same type item for Christmas, and had a Sharpie pen to mark out the prices. I crossed out the price on the first box, then the second box. I wrapped the first box. Then, when I went to wrap box #2, I found that the price wasn't marked out. I froze for a second, knowing I'd done it already and being completely faked out. Then I laughed a bit, realizing what (I thought) must have happened, and spun the box around. I assumed the price was just marked in more than one place. But it wasn't! I looked at all sides, top and bottom of the second box, and there was only one price, not marked out. Hmm.....

Later, I had two additional boxes to wrap on someone else's behalf, and needed to mark which stores they were from so if either went back, they'd go to the "right" store. She asked me to mark them with a "Y" and a "K" according to where she'd gotten them from. I marked them both in the upper lefthand corner, and made a mental note of the Y and the K as I wrote them. We chatted as I wrapped box #1, and to my amazement, when I got to box #2, there was no Y or K. It was not anywhere on the box that I KNEW I had marked.

These events happened roughly 20 minutes apart in the afternoon last Sunday. Easy to write either one of them off as "user error" and I can't even argue you with absolute certainty in case #1...but in case #2 I was very deliberate, focused on what I was doing, and burned what I was doing into my mind as I wrote both the Y and the K for her, only to find it had not been "done".

WTH is / was / is (?!) going on?
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