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Message Subject So i was shopping today, and My wife said she saw me in a different aisle, asked how I changed clothes so fast...MUST READ
Poster Handle INK3
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I was at Meijers today with my wife. We were alone and seperated. I went to the automotive section, I don't know where she was. After about 30 minutes or so, I ran into her, and she started laughing, asking why I was trying on different clothes and shoes and stuff. I had no idea what she was talking about. She said she had just seen me with different clothes on, down a different aisle. She thought nothing of it. I laughed it off. She swore up and down she had seen me, we almost started to fight over it. So we started looking for this guy who looked like me. We asked a lady where she said she saw me, and she said yes, I was just there, but with different clothes, to my surprise. Now this got my attention, did this guy look so much like me that my wife and another person said it was me? She even said she remembered my 6 point wedding ring (it's a 13/16 shaped like a nut gold)...I was floored....when we were leaving the store my wife yelled at me, there he was on the walk outside the store, i saw him, and it kinda looked like me, but he turned, and started walking fast away. I yelled for him to wait a minute...he started to run, and avoided me clearly. I also noticed my wedding ring. I couldn't catch this guy, and he seemed to just disappear. I walked back to my wife in awe. Could I have just seen myself from the future, and caught myself? I just got accepted to U of M and start in January, and was going to take some classes of a higher level. Did I get into something that allowed me to come back to see myself? I am just creeped out now.
 Quoting: ChvyV8Bldr

I had a somewhat weird and similar thing happen several years ago. I was waiting for my husband,in my car, with my oldest daughter, who was about 12 at the time. A woman pulled into the parking lot a few spaces away from us. She got out of the car (A Dodge Caravan), and I noticed that she had three small children with her, so it took her awhile to get everyone out, into the shopping cart, etc.,. My daughter said to me, "Mom, she looks just like you with darker hair". Sure enough she did look just like me, or how I looked about 8 or 9 years previously. The kids looked VERY much like mine at that age. She even walked like me. I also had a Dodge Caravan like the one she was driving. I watched them go into the store, and it was a very strange feeling. (BTW, when my kids were small, my hair was dark blonde, not highlighted). My daughter still remembers the incident. I have no explanation, but the resemblance of her to me, and her kids to mine was strange.
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