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Message Subject So i was shopping today, and My wife said she saw me in a different aisle, asked how I changed clothes so fast...MUST READ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I've had people stare at me, point at me as if they recognized me and smile as if I just made them really happy in a country I'd never been to before and even had groups of people in a foreign country shout my name while I didn't know ANY of them(and my name isn't a standard name by any means) - in this instance I thought I'd lost it but then my date asked me why 'that group over there' was shouting my name and why they were waving towards me - apparently they'd started waving, I looked at them and I swear to god, I knew none of them and there was no chance in hell they would know my name.

Never seen a doppleganger like that though.
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