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Message Subject So i was shopping today, and My wife said she saw me in a different aisle, asked how I changed clothes so fast...MUST READ
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Had a similar experience - that of being in a parallel universe sort of thing. Was with family - it was like I was watching them from outside my body and knew exactly what they were going to say and do. And things happened EXACTLY that way.

Very fluid-type feeling, like being in a water-world (womb?) - hard to explain.

Didn't last long - but it was startling. There's other universes or multi-dimensions, to be sure.

Now I think we're not really 'home' in these physical bodies. We're just experiencing a 3D, physical experience at the moment. When death occurs, we cast these bodies aside, go 'home', and then reincarnate into a new one - when we're ready. Shampoo, rinse, repeat.

Kinda cool when you think about it. Thanks for sharing your story OP. hf
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