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Message Subject So i was shopping today, and My wife said she saw me in a different aisle, asked how I changed clothes so fast...MUST READ
Poster Handle sleepypoochy
Post Content
First,this creeped me out!!!! I think something is happening with our space and time.

In the past, I used to have dreams that I would interpret sometimes they were silly, now all my dreams are past lives. I am dreaming of locations I have been to and situations I have lived. Those dreams started this yeara, 2012

There is definitely something with our universe.

Now I dream of situations and I cry or I am in my dreams because I have lived them. For example,I know this happened to me and the situation is a situation I have been through,it is natural to me and I accept it even if the situation is sad. Also, the dreams I have now I have hard time remembering the small details because they are part of me.In the past,I wouldremember every detail because they were other dreams.

I think you saw yourself, few years from now,if you always shop with your wife, that means you will be alone in the future ; it can be anything.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27330681

I've been dreaming my entire life but this past year or so my dreams have been different. They are not the usual "weird" dreams where my brain was sorting out the day's events. These recent dreams are of my existing spouse and kids with typical daily events but we are all living in a different house. It's as if I'm dreaming a reality show of my family each night. The other night I dreamt about an old childhood friend stopping over my house (this same house in my dreams I see over and over) as if we were still friends after all these years and I haven't seen her in a good 20 years or so. But I saw her as if she aged 20 years. I'm going to search on 'parallel universes'. Based on this thread I now think there is some manipulation taking place with space/time.
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