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Message Subject I am sick of this i cant fix this.
Poster Handle shenandoah
Post Content
You sound like a Human being, who doesn't understand that most of the "people" around him are genetic Hybrids, not fully Human. I used to be as confused and felt as isolated as you do, but now I know what's going on. I stumbled onto the truth of the matter, while researching my own DNA, not too long ago (within the last few years).

The thing about Hybrids (who are the "Beast" spoken of in Revelation) is, that as long as you expect them to behave like normal Human beings (ie with normal Human feelings, morals, intelligence, etc.) -- you will be sorely disappointed.

Nearly 20 yrs ago, a radio astrologer did a reading for me; and this is all she said (three words): "People disappoint you."

That is not what I wanted to hear, and I wanted to know WHY it was so true. But she couldn't tell me why, because she didn't know... she only knew that is the case. I thought I might die not knowing the answer, but God eventually led me to the truth.
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