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Message Subject I am sick of this i cant fix this.
Poster Handle TheGypsy
Post Content
its basically your attitude, your family is useless?? your smarter than your stupid bossess??? it will just get worse with that kinda attitude.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4959545

Is it just my attitude? Jeeze thanks ill just pretend life is great and everything will work out!!!!!! First if all you don't know jack shit about my family or my job so fuck you. Go get bent and have a nice day. I work hard and get paid next to the lowest. My family is 90% of the reason my life is the way it is. 10% cause I was a stupid kid.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28360971

Why would you do that? "Pretending" everything is just fine is just another way of living your life as a dream.

Do you really want to live your life as a dream?

You said not to share any real life shit....OK.


If we don't "share" our experiences, especially those that may be similar to your own how can we express any meaningful way to help you get past it?

NOTE: I didn't say forget about whats happened to you...I said, to get past it....BIG difference.

If a person has had evil visited upon them, especially at the hands of those who are supposed to care the most, that is a HEAVY burden to bare.

Can it be done? Many have! Does that mean you will? Well, the HONEST answer is, that is up to YOU...and ONLY you!

Are you willing to allow yourself to get past it? Keep in mind, no matter what any of us say, only you can give yourself that permission.

Will it be difficult? HELL...it's the hardest thing to do..you have to begin by looking inward...once you do that, you may be on the path....until then, you will continue to wallow in self pity (not saying it's not justified) but just saying that self pity is what allows those who treated you wrongly to continue to control your life....in other words, it allows their evil to win out!

The courage for anyone facing the hurts you obviously feel it to face them, put them off to the side as best you can, realize those people have in fact damaged you, BUT then you choose to love and trust again. Love or trust them? Not unless you have a wish for more pain.

But as evidenced by all the replies to a complete stranger from other strangers here, there are people out here who do care...they care about YOU....we don't know you but YOU are a human being, with real hurts and we feel that pain.....the real test is, are you willing to accept that caring from a world that while filled with evil, is also filled with good.

As I said earlier, it's up to YOU!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1387230

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