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Message Subject Prepare now. This is our last chance.
Poster Handle cinnamongirl
Post Content
The nuke thing is the worst. I want to get more zeolite. It won't help moving to another hemisphere; the air currents will carry it everywhere. I believe the only hope will be divine healing once the cesium, etc, starts exploding up from the sites. Of course the govt will use whatever diesel generator power they have for as long as they can to keep the water flowing over those things. We should have months before the radiation begins. Maybe years. Try to hope.

They have stockpiles of diesel fuel and the nukes and military will probably be first priority. Maybe they can shut them down slowly and cover them with cement during the first couple years. If they can just keep cooling water going it'll be OK. They can draft a million kids with buckets if they have to.

Went to a Mormon cannery not long ago. Great experience, so cheap. Rice, beans, powdered milk, sugar, dried apples and onions, dried potatoes. The place was almost empty. People just don't sense anything on the horizon. I have six months of food and I don't think 100x that much would be a waste if I had the money to get it.
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