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Message Subject Prepare now. This is our last chance.
Poster Handle Kendall
Post Content
Do you honestly think you can prepare for what is about to happen in the great purification? Stripping of the atmosphere, surface temperatures of 900 deg F, birthing of the core at the Weddell Sea in Antarctica, collapse of the mantle and movement of our Mother the Earth into the orbit Venus? Good luck on that one...

[link to motherearthfathersky.org]
 Quoting: ACDC

Hi there,

I don't think any of us truly know what is happening unless we were directly given inside information from those who truly do and have been informed of the real truth at hand. My only motto is to take precaution.

To be honest I have this idea of a instability problem within society, a social collapse as well as an economical collapse as the result of a solar flare event.

Here is a brief chart to show you what I mean

EVENT- Solar cataclysm

- Global electrical outage

- Financial Collapse

- Social Collapse


Being forced to live without any electronic communication whatsoever.

IF it is an ELE, then we can basically put our head between our knees and kiss our asses goodbye.

I am mot one to think that there would be such an event, although it could be a possibility as anything is quite possible.

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