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Message Subject Any FAMOUS people on GLP if so...Speak up-Pseudonyms allowed
Poster Handle IssueX
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thing I never got about 'fame' is that it's so subjective. And the person who is supposed to BE famous, doesn't own it, it's bestowed upon them by others. Even in my hey day, when I was always recognized, I never really understood it. I was still me, but others recognized me, wanted to know what I had to say, what I was wearing, etc. It was just so strange. Fame is not real, and it's not tangible. It is something someone puts upon you.

So meh, fame schmame
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26156016

fame opens doors

it's like looks and money

on one hand, philosophically we know it isn't everything, and that life is short and all of this means nothing when you're breathing your last breath

however, anyone who thinks it doesn't help make the ride easier along the way, is missing something, jmho

I had a couple of famous family members, dated some fairly famous people, and even though I wanted to think it meant nothing, dang but we sure had some good times when we went out.

Even trying my buddhist best not to be impressed, I have to admit it can make a difference, especially if you find yourself in a tight spot

Also, the famous can tell better stories. Maybe that isn't much, but I enjoy it

The husband of a friend of mine was the editor in chief of RS magazine from the late 1960s. His best buddy from childhood was Hunter S, he hung out with Fleetwood Mac and Cameron Crowe... and damn but that guy knows some good stories, but I'm a Hunter S fan from way back...

But it is also true that the truly powerful do not want to be famous, in fact they get pissed off if you accidentally talk about them in public. Fame is for media and business heads. The real money and power behind the scenes craves discretion and anonymity

In the long run, agree, it is just 'dust in the wind' dude... more.stupid human tricks, and it doesn't help you have a better family life or make better friends, some could argue to the contrary...

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