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Message Subject Short people aren't people at all
Poster Handle Quetzal785
Post Content
I bet my short ass will whoop that shit out ur tall ass and the harder your tall skinny ass will be. We are quicker , I guarantee with my strength I'd kick that shit out your ass and make your wife want me. You ignorant piece of shit. You are what's wrong with this world. Read what you just wrote and look how stupid you are. I know what I wrote ain't any better but that's just to prove that ur a fucking idiot. A complete idiot. A dumbass idiot. You probably got your ass kicked by a midget couldn't believe and came to the conclusion that they can't possibly be human because they owned your ass. Am I right??? Can't wait for ur ignorant ass comeback.... come on give me ur best shot ... jack in the bean stock. You jolly green giant.
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