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Message Subject Short people aren't people at all
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
People who look for a physical reason to separate spirits offer a service ... and for this OP, I thank you. We need to learn the difference between physical manifestation and spirit inhabitation. When someone can throw out a very simple statement and then stand back and watch people take arms in attack and defense mode because they don't realize that it is only two sides of the one stone ... the belief in physicality and further the belief in separation ... then I appreciate the role of the manipulator. For centuries the King's court has appreciated the need for the fool to play jokes on people who take themselves too seriously to get back to truth ... to show them that they are fools themselves if they participate. The universe does have a sense of humor and you manifest that function so easily. Thank You for dividing that which is considerable from that which would only appear to be considerable. Thank you for shaking the tree to see who falls out of it.
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