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Message Subject Short people aren't people at all
Poster Handle Krix
Post Content
5.2 Female, Married for 34 years with Five Children (all over 5 ft 8 in height may I add) to a 6ft Man who still buys me flowers and thinks I am the bee's knee's, it can't all be bad for short people can it now.
 Quoting: Krix

You knew that the OP meant short men, not women, and you decided to post that with the intention of making short men feel worse. Seriously, get fucked. And I'm leaving you bad karma. bird
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21211135

Correct me if I am wrong but isn't this what the post said:-

Short people aren't people at all
They're less than human. Discuss.

I don't see any reference there to either, and for your information the reference to my Husband was to make the point that tall people still like smaller people. It was not mean't in any way to put anybody down. Sorry it made you feel so inferior!
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