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Message Subject For 4TH year--NO GOD in Obama's Thanksgiving Address--FIRST PRESIDENT TO OMIT GOD--Here's what other presidents have said on Thanksging
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So far, from this thread, we've learned Obama is:

1) From Kenya
2) A Communist
3) The Anti-Christ
4) A Godless Heathen

You shills crack me up :)

Personally, I could not care LESS whether or not some deity is mentioned by the President of the United States.

You know what DID rub me the wrong way? When George W. Bush said God came to him and was with him , supporting him to invade Iraq. THAT is sick.

Keep God out of politics. Keep God out of schools. Keep god out of EVERYTHING except for the family (if you choose), church, and your own shrine/meditation center/prayer table whatever you have.

GOD is a personal thing. You should be able to be a great person, leader, or whatever your occupation is, regardless of which God you believe in, or if you believe in one at all. It should NEVER be a prerequisite , or even a PART of politics, or the workforce, or schools,e tc.
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