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Message Subject For 4TH year--NO GOD in Obama's Thanksgiving Address--FIRST PRESIDENT TO OMIT GOD--Here's what other presidents have said on Thanksging
Poster Handle Amy_A
Post Content

I am sure Obama knows the true history about Thanksgiving. Why would our God give thanks to this day?

We have been lied too again! We celebrate holidays they created yet we do not know the true stories behind the holidays.

 Quoting: Amy_A

Why would you say and I quote "Why would our God give thanks to this day?"?
 Quoting: DaRtHbAlLeR

That quote didn't make much sense after I posted it. What was done to the Natives that lived in the US was a tragic event that I dont think God would have approved of. Obama is just doing what he is suppose to do. When you get to his level many things are happening. I have started to look at this as a big show in order to keep everyone fighting while they continue running the show. As long as people are fighting over what he says, they can continue running the script.

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