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Subject Fake 'UFO landing', and presentation of misrepresented human ETs 'of light'
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It will all be a lie. They are already here, re-engineered Reptilians -

Predominant among these events, a race of supposed, seemingly benevolent ETs will appear to "land" and reveal themselves to the people of Earth... having what Earth people would consider to be super powers, and/or god-like powers, much like in ancient times... and looking by all appearances to be very light, of light, seemingly 'angelic' looking... looking & acting, at the beginning, like benevolent, higher dimensional humans. They will present themselves as benevolent higher dimensional human ETs, which they will not be. They are actually re-engineered Reptilians. And, they are - already here on Earth - at the top of the Cabal & Illuminati power structure.

They will also likely make many promises... they have no intention of keeping....

[link to www.andromedacouncil.com]
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