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Message Subject My Opinion on death MUST READ
Poster Handle Mike Hawk
Post Content
So I believe life well death to be more specific is a video game. I'm not saying go out and do a whole ton of crazy s**t
but I mean like in the sense of the after life. Well think of it like this when you die based on how you played or what religion you followed determines your afterlife.

Buddhist: We all know they believe in Reincarnation so basically its a game that never ends it basically starts you over again as a new player in a new environment on a different difficulty.

Christians: Believe in Jesus and going to Heaven or Hell. Based on how you acted in life. So by playing well or being a kind person along the way you gain entry to heaven where you can do what you want. Or if you were evil you get sent to hell.

Atheist: It's game over eternal darkness.

Well thats my take i'd do more but i'd have to study up on other religions. What do you all think?
 Quoting: Thereign

Your buddhist could be true. Not an expert on that.

Christian one is wrong. Not too many humans currently in the heavenly realm. There currently is a hades or sheol which is not hell. In that realm there are many different areas some of which aren't really that bad at all. Hell is the lake of fire that no one is in yet. That is only after the final judement after Jesus reigns on earth for one thousand years at which point humans will still live as they do now outside of the holy city. The inhabitors of the city cannot die yet still have physical form and need to eat from the tree(s) of life and drink water of life.

Atheist one is wrong. No eternal anything. An entire ceasing of existance. The physical body that is burned or becomes worm food or fertilizer is all that is left.
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