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Message Subject My Opinion on death MUST READ
Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
Post Content
What have you learned about reincarnation OP?

I believe its an old soul entering a new body. Basically a way for you to do things that weren't possible before so you get to experience everything.
 Quoting: Thereign

Yes but how did a soul come to be 'old'? Through many lifetimes of experience perhaps? You said you came here to overcome your fear of death? Is it possible that you have lived and 'died' many times already? You may be a veteran when it come to 'dying' and not even know it. : )

Ever checked into the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson or Dr. Jim Tucker? They conducted work researching cases of children recalling past life memories and there are instances upon which the information/details provided by the children can be investigated and independenty confirmed. Very fascinating.

P.S. your sig takes up the entire screen on my tablet. Any way to truncate it? tounge
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