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Message Subject My Opinion on death MUST READ
Poster Handle NonAlignedEntity
Post Content
The Buddhists believe reincarnation is a learning process so that people will be ready to evolve beyond this realm.

What if this IS the afterlife?
 Quoting: NonAlignedEntity

Then why would there be so much pain and sadness in the afterlife?
 Quoting: Thereign

To learn to deal with it. To find the joy. To teach you to overcome and let go.

You presume the afterlife is some sweetness or some oblivion. Whatever it is, it is. All speculation is idle and masturbatory.

Why WOULDN'T there be pain and sadness in any realm?

I imagine it has more to do with dissatisfaction with this realm, and the hope that somewhere things are different.

This is how hope and fear is used to enslave people.
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