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US Government Puzzle

User ID: 27490511
11/23/2012 09:20 PM
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US Government Puzzle
damneddamnedSo I found out about this liberty movement a few months ago and I sorta jumped on the bandwagon. Ive researched alot of stuff about the US government and learned alot but its so hard to research with with all the propaganda and media bs.

So here are the peaces of the puzzle that I have researched can you guys help me finished the puzzle.

1. Goldman Sachs is a multi billion dollar banking corp that funds both the Democrats and Republicans and makes the decisions for the president.

2. Goldman Sachs has created a strategic alliance with the 6 biggest media outlets that control over 90% of the media which include: News.corp, Viacom, Time Warner, CBS, Disney and General Electric. They use their influence to publicize the Democrats and Republican Parties but completely exclude the 3rd party candidates so only a handful of people know they exist.

3. Both the founder and current president of Goldman Sachs are Jewish and support Zionism which is why they tell the "President" to support Israel and give Israel the power it has.

4. The chairmen of the Federal Reserve is Ben Bernanke who went to Harvard with and was close friends with the president of Goldman Sachs.

5. The Federal Reserve was introduced in 1913 which is right before the first world war. During the first world war their was no taxes in the US until right after the war started.

6. Rothschild created the Federal Reserve and it is privately owned by the Rothschild family despite what the government claims.

7. In the 1800s the 5 Rothschild brothers each controlled the Central banks of the British Empire, the French Empire, the Austria-Hungarian Empire, Italy and Germany. At the time these nations accounted for over 75% of Europe, most of Africa, and the Commonwealth which includes Hong Kong, India, Australia and Canada.

8. They have continued to expand up until today where they control the central bank of nation except North Korea and Iran which are coincidentally considered terrorists by the media.

9. Trillions of dollars worth of currency have been printed out but are currently not circulating within the global economy. Either this money has disappeared into thin air or someone is holding on to it.

10. The Rothschild family is said to have up to 500 TRILLION DOLLARS.

Can someone please tell me more about this and what are your opinions on it?