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Message Subject Man Slaps Wife With His PENIS...arrested
Poster Handle Abi ~
Post Content
She must have been working it...who allows a free and open penis to be so close without acknowledging it on some level?
 Quoting: Chip

A woman that's been married to a man that has regularly pulled out his dick and stuck it in her face in a piss poor attempt to romance her into a bj or entice her into sex with its sheer beauty and size. lol.

This time he just got tired of no and popped her with it.

I think what she should have done is said yes (to a bj) and then bit down on it till he cried.
 Quoting: Debauchery

Didn't that Bobbitt chic do that? Or did she cut it off??...yes, some men suck(no pun intended) at foreplay but you should never hurt or talk smack about a man's penis...it seriously damages them for life...it is all about the penis...it is their entire ego...bless their hearts...
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